General Membership Meeting, Tuesday, December 16, 2003

So who are we? Do we wish to continue to exist?


Present: Anders (new!), Lindsay, John Nishinaga, John Pilch, Charlie, Paul (new!), Andy (new!).

Minute taker: Charlie


<pre> 1. DIY Fest (Another East Bay Skill Share) 2. Promotion of the DisorientationZine 3. Agitation and Propaganda (flyers, stickers, political messages) 4. Get more people on the Announce list. </pre>

Complete procedings:

1. Where is the BC going? (discussion about what you want to do with BC)

Had a kickass DIY festival this fall, then 1 or two more meetings, and then everything literally died. We got the Disorientation printed, and we were about to distribute it, but then everyone just disappeared like cockroaches under the glare of a lightbulb.

[Japanese Scary]

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