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Help work on the new Disorientation Zine for 2007

Cal Berkeley Disorientation Zine

What is the Disorientation Zine?

The Disorientation Zine for the UC, Berkeley campus has been published by Slingshot and the Long Haul for about 10 years and is a guide to incoming students about existing community collectives and organizations that they can plug into and become involved with or simply learn about so that they may attend their events if they so desire.

Many students come to Berkeley because they have heard that it is a cool place but only receive information from the UC campus and often do not know what the community has to offer. They don't know about Critical Mass, the Long Haul, Gilman, the BC :), Food Not Bombs, the Coops, zines... many don't know about any of these things unless they are lucky enough to make friends to tell them. It seems to many that there are only the local bars such as Blakes or Henrys or the DL on Shattuck... The Disorientation Zine is to show the other side of Berkeley, the part that is less obvious and that usually takes time to learn about.

The Disorientation zine may include articles on gardening in the community (and where students can go to do so), on Direct Action, on the conflict of interest of the Regents (that invest in such businesses as defense contractors and biotech companies) on the ASUC (how it works, what is really going on), on music shows, on community organizations, on coops and housing, on Alternative majors, on issues such as racism or sexism, on the military on campus, on the Farmer's Market, on the People's History of Berkeley, on off campus education, on human rights groups, on animal treatment, on recycling and composting, on the GLBT groups at Cal, on defense research, on news sources/informational sources in the bay area, etc.

Come learn more about the PeoplesHistoryOfBerkeley.

If you want to get involved email mailto:contact@barringtoncollective.org or mailto:eleveneven@gmail.com

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