Next time you head to a vending machine and drop quarters down for a Coke or purchase an Odwalla, or chug down a Dasani, you may want to think about what your drink is supporting...

Written by SOJA – Students Organization for Justice in the Americas

SOJA's recent victories includes the ratification of the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) which ensures the protection of workers who sew university apparel. Under the Designated Suppliers Program, university licensees are required to source most university logo apparel from supplier factories that have been determined by universities, through independent verification, to be in compliance with their obligation to respect the rights of their employees – including the right to organize and bargain collectively and the right to be paid a living wage.

The most recent victory was the release of UC Custodial and Physical Plant workers' equity wages in 2007 as a result of a year and a half long struggle. Workers at Cal were being paid poverty wages when compared to the salary of workers at Community Colleges across the Bay Area ( With continued student, political, and celebrity pressure, nonviolent civil disobedience direct actions, and student-worker collaboration we were able to win the living wage campaign at Cal.

We look forward to another victory, when Killer Coke is kicked off our campus...

As students, as individuals we do not support human rights abuses; we expect the same from our institution of higher learning.

Because of human rights violations, Because of contaminations, Because we love life, We do not consume coke.

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