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Are you too strapped for money to afford medical insurance? Have you ever needed medical attention but ignored your sickness because a hospital visit would put you further into debt? Have you ever been afraid of sickness and injury because you simply cannot afford it? Do you feel that your well being must suffer to pay for school or rent? Despite the great difficulties in medical care that plague our country, there are options—there exist clinics where treatment is free . . .

Stressed out? Depressed? Ever feel like dropping out and giving up? Do you have any one to talk to about your life and the deep seeded issues which nag and perplex you? Do you need to talk to someone who wont judge, blame, or make assumptions about you? Holding your emotions, self-criticisms, and fears inside will not help your mental life or well being. There are people who can help you help yourself, and help you understand yourself, and understand why you replay those cycles of fear, depression and anxiety . . .

Got STDs or STIs? No? When is the last time you were tested? Have you ever been tested? Even the most cautious and innocent sexually active person could be a carrier. There is, however, no need to worry or to be afraid of your body, your partner, or your sex life as long as you are careful and use protection. BUT YOU STILL NEED TO BE TESTED . . .

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What you need to know and where you need to go:

Information Resource Collective (IRC) (510) 548-2570 ext. 6400

The Information and Referral Collective (IRC) provides information in areas such as addiction programs, medical needs, mental health resources, shelters, foodstuffs and meals, legal services, HIV and STD programs, and much more. To obtain information about health and social services in the community, or to have questions about the services of the Berkeley Free Clinic, please call the IRC!

We answer phones Sun. 4pm - 7pm, Mon. through Fri. 3pm - 9pm, and Sat. 8am – 5pm

Peer Counseling Services (510) 548-2744

This free, confidential service is provided by lay volunteers trained in active listening skills, and as such is NOT an appropriate resource if you want to get your prescription renewed: this is the basic, "talking therapy" approach. Ongoing scheduled individual counseling may be set up through drop-ins. Please call the Peer Counseling Collective for more information.

On Mon., Tue., Wed., and Thur. evenings, registration is accepted at 6:45 PM for the drop-in service.

General Medical Services (510) 548-4811 or (800) 6-CLINIC

The Berkeley Free Clinic is open for general medical services in the evenings Mon. - Fri. We will be offering only TB services on Tues evenings, while general medical services will be provided on all other weeknights. Please call at 5:45 PM to arrange a same-evening appointment.


The HIV Prevention Services Collective of the Berkeley Free Clinic offers anonymous HIV antibody testing, with results available the following weekend. This free service is offered on a drop-in basis only for all clients on Sun evening.

Sign-in starts as early as 4:00 p.m., but we don’t start seeing clients until 4:30. Doors remain open until 7:00, which means that if you sign-in for services by 7 p.m., we will test you that evening.

On Sat, we have drop-in testing and results (the following week) for women only 12 noon - 2 p.m. (Men are welcome to come as support for their partners/friends, but they cannot get an HIV test on Saturday).

Because the tests are anonymous, you must hold on to your printed test number when you return for the results. Results are available the following week and will be held for 8 weeks after the test. There is drop-in results service for women and men on Sat. 4 - 5 p.m. or Sun. 4 - 7 p.m.

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